Working Papers


How Early Morning Classes Change Academic Trajectories: Evidence from a Natural Experiment (Job Market Paper)

Abstract: In this paper, I examine how early morning classes affect students' academic performance and educational trajectories by exploiting a unique natural experiment which randomized class time to students. Using an instrumental variable approach, I find that enrolling in an early morning class time (7:30 AM) lowers students' course grades, and decreases the likelihood of students enrolling in future STEM courses in the same field by 24%. In addition, I find that early morning section assignment causes a 76% reduction in the probability that a student chooses the corresponding major. To understand the mechanism of this effect, I conducted a supplemental survey of undergraduate students enrolled in a large introductory course, some of whom were assigned to a 7:30 AM section. I find evidence of a  decrease in human capital accumulation and learning quality for early morning sections.


Kindness and Wage Gap

Abstract: In this paper, I investigate the impact of kindness on wage returns from five specific occupation classes: unskilled, partly skilled, skilled, managerial, and professional occupations. By using the 1958 National Child Development Study (NCDS), I find that kind women are rewarded, but kind men are punished in unskilled occupations. This may be due to gender norm bias and the working cultures that do not require significant interpersonal and communication skills. On the other hand, both kind men and women in managerial occupations are rewarded, but men in managerial occupations have higher returns than women do. This may be attributed to the fact that managerial occupations require higher degrees of interpersonal communication skills with co-workers. Also, kindness among managerial workers would reduce communication cost and therefore, boost productivity.


Work in Progress


College Course Shutouts (with Kevin J. Mumford and Richard W. Patterson)


Gender Disparities from Test Scores and Teacher Assessments on Life Outcomes (with Lisa Pan)


Teacher's Gender and Race on Students' Educational Outcomes (with Kevin J. Mumford)